Con Kennedy Visual Communications

Design Advocacy

Con is involved with an number of groups and organisations who have an interest in promoting the value and place of design in Irish society. The aims of which are to influence public-policy and to promote a greater understanding of design's role amongst the public. These activities include lobbying, undertaking campaigns, promotion and public speaking.

Joint Editor and Co-Founder of Iterations: Design Journal & Practice Review (2015-Date)

Iterations Design Journal & Practice Review is the first publication of it’s kind in Ireland. Iterations is both an academic peer-reviewed journal and a professional design practice review. Iterations will provide a platform for the dissemination of Irish Design Research and Practice in Ireland and internationally.

Iterations will focus on Design Research coming from Irish Institutions and Design practitioners but as the Journal builds a presence and reputation it will seek publications and articles from international researchers who have connections with Irish Design. Iterations is supported by ID2015 as part of the Year of Irish Design. For more on Iterations Journal click here.

Council Member of Institute of Designers in Ireland (2009-2014, 2015-Date)

The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the professional body representing the interests of Irish designers. Its function is to promote high standards of design, to foster professionalism and to emphasise designers’ responsibility to society, to the client and to each other.

The Institute represents designers from different disciplines who practice in Ireland. Formed in 1972, the Institute is recognised at national, EU and international level as the representative body for the Irish design profession.

Con was elected to the IDI council in 2009 as Visual Communications representative and has served in a number of roles within the organisation. Con has been involved with organising and running the national IDI Design Awards since 2009 and was Awards Chairperson in 2011 and 2012. Con was a judge in the IDI Graduate Design Awards in 2010 and was involved with the IDI's Strategy Planning Group in 2010. Con was also the editor os the IDI's quarterly publication Ratio between 2009 and 2011. In 2012 Con held the role of Honorary Treasurer of the IDI and currently Chairs the Design Education sub-committe.

Board Member of Design Print and Packaging Skillnet (2011-2013)

The Design, Print and Packaging Skillnet is a training network which works with companies in the design and print and packaging sectors to deliver training solutions which will improve business performance. The focus is to provide training courses courses which will assist members to reduce costs and increase competitiveness through enhanced skills and expertise.

Committee member of Design Week (2009-Date)

Design Week is a user-contributed festival focusing on design. The Design Week committee works with design organisations, individuals and collectives, colleges, companies and studio to promote design related events taking place in Ireland. The Design Week Committee is voluntary and relies on support in organising and promoting events. Design Week runs the first week in November.

Co-Founder of G6 Series (2010-Date)

The G6 Series is a programme of lectures, seminars, workshops and discussions about design and creativity and is oragnised in conjunction with and Barry Sheehan. Running monthly, guest speakers will discuss various topics relating to the practical side of working as a professional designer.

The G6 Series is run on a voluntary basis and admission is free. The goal of the G6 Series is connecting the student cohort with industry practitioners. We are grateful to all those who give up their precious time to participate in these talks. Admission is free and all are welcome.

The 100 Archive (Member 2013- Date)

The 100 Archive is a community centred initiative to document and record the past and future of visual communication design in Ireland. The project was initiated by four Dublin-based studios (Atelier, Conor & David, Detail and Studio Aad) with the support of many colleagues, in industry and education. The Purpose of the 100 Archive is to capture and record the breadth of Irish design practice.

Try to be Good: Paul Rand Exhibition (November 2012)

Con Kennedy was one of a number of individuals and companies who offered financial backing and sponsorship of the retrospective exhibition of the works of the late Paul Rand. Organised by Curate and Design and micro funded through Fund It, this exhibition in the EBOW gallery, Dublin covered Rand's diverse work in corporate identity, poster and book design.

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